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Attention Knee Pain Sufferers, Free Event For You

New Knee Pain Workshop Helps Local
People Get Back to Normal Naturally,
Without Unnecessary Pain Pills,
Injections, or Surgeries



Tuesday, August 16th

5:00 PM
PRO Therapy
1948 Mesquite Ave, #101, Lake Havasu, AZ 86403

***Because of space limitations, this event is limited to the first 20 people who sign up...

Go to the Knee Pain Workshop and Learn:


The Top 3 Causes of Knee Pain that can lead to a Knee Replacement and a long recovery. (One of them you won't believe...)


The #1 Single Biggest Mistake that Knee Pain sufferers make that can lead directly to surgery.


A sure-fire way to get your life back and pick the right treatment for the cause of your pain (and save you time and money).


What successful treatment and permanent relief look like without the side effects of unnecessary medications, injections or surgery.


Spots are limited and will go fast. Reserve your spot now!

John Twomey, PT

PRO Therapy

Who is the Workshop For?

The Knee Pain Workshop is for people suffering with knee pain who are looking to feel normal again and heal naturally without medications, injections and surgery.



Are you afraid to move because you fear your knee might give out?


Do you find yourself taking Tylenol, Aleve or Advil just to get through the day?


Are you missing out on family time because of knee pain?


Have you changed the way you do everyday activities - like going up and down stairs or getting in and out of a car?


Do you try to just “keep going” but you feel limited in what you can do?


Do you feel worn out and held back because of your knee?

What Do Others Have To Say About The Knee Pain Workshop?

"Before I met the PRO Therapy team, I was suffering from chronic back pain and two arthritic knees needing surgery. My daily activities were curtailed. I had a bad attitude, simply vacuuming or shopping meant at least one day to recover. I knew I needed to keep moving, but it HURT! Then I went to PRO Therapy’s Workshop. What could it hurt to take advantage of the offered free assessment? His prognosis, “We can help you.” So I signed up. The outcome: I loved everyone at PRO Therapy, each person is professional, kind, upbeat, helpful, encouraging and fun. I am so happy and STRONGER! I now have less lingering pain and the tools (specific exercises) to continue to support my bones and lessen my pain. I actually look forward to now moving my body. Thank you to all my new friends and support team at PRO Therapy for all your help and encouragement - This community needs you!"

Barbara Stewart

"I was referred to PRO Therapy because I have a history of falling. When tripped up I could not catch myself, instead I would fall over like a tree on my face. I also had a secondary goal of being able to get up when I was down. When I got to PRO Therapy I had a terrible balance problem and very little strength in my quads and knees. If I got down I couldn't stand up easily. I couldn't be more pleased with my results so far. Things I didn't think I could do before, I do. It’s just as simple as being able to walk up and down stairs without holding on to the rail or standing from a sitting position without pushing myself up. Sam has given me confidence! I experienced it so many times in the last couple days. My dog can throw me off balance but I don’t fall! I will go to grab something to help myself up the stairs or up from a chair and I stop and say, ‘No, you can do it!’ and I DO! Thank you PRO Therapy and my therapists for giving me my life back. (I WILL stand on one foot for 10 seconds yet!)"

Sharilyn Daggett

"In the beginning, I didn’t think that physical therapy would work for me. Then after working with my Physical Therapists they pointed out how exercise was going to help me with my problems. After doing the exercises they had me doing it started to help. So I put more effort into the exercises and they did in fact help me! Very thankful for John and his staff!"

John Craig

We have limited spots available that will fill up fast, so sign up now to avoid missing out.